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Blue-Skying, Time To Dream Again

Blue Sky Thinking

A business term for stepping back from the details of a task or project, to brainstorm or refresh your mind by taking a look at the big picture. (source:

Dream Again

Is it time for you to take a step back, get some time to yourself?  Re-evaluate your direction, your goals, ignite a dream you once had for your life?  I like to take blue-skying literally once in a while.  Switch off the cell phone and head out into the wild, alone, lay down in a forest and watch the tops of the trees sway against the backdrop of blue sky.  Climb a mountain and sit with a hot flask of coffee, think and pray.  Consider your priorities, set new goals, dare to dream again.  Put pen to paper to journal your thoughts, feelings, and what you want to achieve in the coming months and years.


Time to act! Make the necessary changes to your daily routine, schedule your time more effectively.  Because the reality is “Either you run the day, or the day runs you.” (Jim Rohn).  This requires you actually sit down and plan,  draw up your schedule on paper or computer, just make sure to print, get a paper copy on the fridge, in your diary, or on the wall in your bedroom or office, somewhere you will see it every day.


One of the best ways to put new ideas or goals into action is to talk about them.  Start a conversation with your dad, your spouse, your boss. It’s important to share how you feel, be transparent, be honest, even if the outcome is initially negative.  You may end up leaving your current job, or ‘agree to disagree’ with your spouse on something.  Be open to constructive criticism, value the other persons perspective and remember your life is not all about you, but what you do with your life can make a big difference in the lives of others.  Whatever you do, don’t keep things to yourself, go tell your best friend, celebrate your ideas, because it’s time for you to dream again.

Soak Up That Blue Sky

Check the weather forecast, pick a decent day and go! Get away from the hum-drum, the noise, the ordinary.  Explore the outdoors, go somewhere remote, take in the sights and sounds of nature, lie down in the middle of a cornfield and soak up that blue sky.  Go hike, or walk the beach, hop the boulders on a river, do something you haven’t done before.  Please stay safe, wear appropriate clothing, wear a whistle, make sure your cell phone is charged, and tell someone where you’re going.


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