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Make a Great Sleep Space

5 Steps to Success

Sleep is one of the most important things in the world.  If you can sleep well every night, you’ll be well set up for the day ahead, with renewed energy, focus, and stamina. So what is the key to a great nights sleep?  First and foremost, you need an awesome space to sleep.  Do whatever is within your means to upgrade the space you sleep in and the what you sleep on.  Say no to the latest iPhone and invest your cash in something that will make a huge difference to your daily life – your sleep!

1. Decor

Paint your bedroom afresh, pick calming colors, keep it simple.  De-clutter your sleep space,  sort through your stuff, get rid of what you don’t need, have less on display.  Remove unnecessary furniture to enlarge your room. You will be calmer and able to switch off quicker in an open and serene environment.

2. Lighting

If you use a device like a smartphone or tablet to read or watch a show before you go to sleep, set the brightness to the lowest setting, if it has a dark / night mode switch it on.  If you have an iPhone or iPad get Night Shift on, it will isolate those nasty blue colours that make it much harder for you to go to sleep when the lights go out.  Talking of lights, make sure all bright room lights are out well before bedtime, get yourself a bedside lamp with a low wattage bulb no more than 3000k color temperature.

3. Bed Frame

Consider upgrading your bed frame. If you have a creaky, or shaky bed this will disrupt your sleep, or the sleep of another.  Maybe your spouse is the one who tosses and turns throughout the night, an unstable bed could drive you crazy, get it sorted! Consider the most suitable size of bed frame, can a bed ever be too big?  If you share a bed, definitely consider a super king or emperor, you’ll never regret it.

4. Mattress

Super important, and often a tough decision is your choice of mattress. There’s quite a lot to consider – size, firmness, comfort, support, even temperature control!  Then there’s the type of mattress-  pocket sprung, memory foam, open coil, continuous coil, and on and on it goes.  You could go to a bed store and spend hours, even days trying various mattresses.  My advice is go for the latest memory foam mattress, or hybrid.  Personally I went hybrid with an Otty mattress, part pocket sprung and part memory foam.  I was able to order online and have it delivered to my bedroom!  How did I know for sure it would be everything I needed it to be… I didn’t, not for sure but if for any reason, whether unopened or used, they will arrange a pickup and give 100% refund within an amazing 100 days!   Nearly all memory foam mattress companies out there offer the same returns policy, Simba, Emma, Leesa, Eve, Casper, Bruno to name just a few.

5. Environment

How warm or cool does your room need to be for a good nights sleep? To get the balance right you may have to adjust some things – The tog of your duvet for one, the lower the tog the cooler you’ll be.  4.5 tog would be perfect for Summer, 13.5 or 15 tog in Winter.  If you prefer to have one duvet all year round go for a tog rating of around 10.5.  Next, a room thermostat to control your heating system is ideal, if you can’t do this try manual adjustment of your radiator valve or air vent.  Have you thought about fresh air? If you live in the UK as I do, you will unlikely have A/C like many Americans. To compensate I use a ceiling fan, on a low speed, combined with a window cracked open slightly.  For a cost-effective and simple solution use a small desktop fan.

Time to act

If you’re short on cash, start a savings plan today and determine to upgrade your sleep space as and when you can.  Your biggest purchase will be a new mattress, to help you pay for your mattress you could consider a flexible payment plan offered by most mattress suppliers.  For the rest – try Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace, or do what I did – build your own.  My 8’ headboard is made from reclaimed pallet wood, collected for free, simply because I asked!  My emperor size bed frame is part CLS timber from Homebase, clad with what was left of my free pallet wood.  Now it’s your turn, get cracking on these 5 steps and soon enough you will have a great sleep space!

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