Have you got too much tech in your life?  Are you out of balance with your use of digital devices compared to life in the real world? Think about your friendships, are they genuine, do you have friends that really care about your well-being? If you deleted your Facebook account, would you find out who your true friends are?  Very likely, you would.  How about removing Whatsapp from your phone, would it invoke a panic attack!  Seriously, what has happened to the world? We’re out of balance.  I think it’s time to digital detox, to restore balance to your life, because at the end, your relationships is all you’ve got.


Think about how much time you spend on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, have you considered how it may be affecting you?  For example, you may think it a ‘wonder of the digital era’ that you can multi-task on your device and accomplish so many things at once.  Yet studies have shown multitasking is actually less productive than unitasking.  

Bedroom Policy

When your head hits the pillow, do you fall asleep easily, what is the quality of sleep?  Could our overuse of digital technology be a factor in our lack or quality sleep?  The phones and computers we use emit a type of blue light that can effect our levels of melatonin (the natural chemical in our brain that makes us sleepy).  If we are exposed to this blue light for a prolonged time, we will likely find it much harder to fall asleep naturally.  So, my advice to you, when it’s late in the evening, have a ‘no tech in the bedroom’ policy.  Come 9pm or whenever suits your routine, silence the device, charge it the kitchen or elsewhere, anywhere but the bedroom.  If you can detox in this manner, you will likely fall asleep faster, and sleep better.

App Cleanse

If your sick and tired of notifications and phantom vibrations, it’s time to delete some apps.  I know what your thinking…’what in the world are phantom vibrations’ !  It’s the phycological effect notifications have had on our brains.  Have you ever felt a vibration from your phone, coming from your pocket, to discover it was nothing?  That’s a phantom vibration.  Our brains have become so accustomed to receiving alerts from our digital devices that we are starting to imagine we are getting notifications! Go to your device settings and turn off as many notifications as you can live with.  Delete as many apps as you can, be ruthless, strip your device back to the basics, learn how to live without constrant distractions.  Hard to believe that removing apps is such a radical decision nowadays, we have become so attached to our apps, it’s crazy.

Block Caller

Yes that’s right, you should ‘block’ some people the old fashioned way, all phones come with the option to block a caller.  Whether it’s unwanted marketing calls, someone you’d rather not hear from anymore, if someone is sending abusive texts, or if you are being bullied. It’s time to block that caller! Go to recent calls, find the caller in question, click on the ‘i’ or ‘…’ or similar icon next to their name, scroll to the bottom of their info and hit ‘Block this caller’.  Another way is to go to your contacts app, find the person, open details, you’ll find the same blocking option, usually at the bottom.

The World in Your Pocket

Access to the world wide web is literally at your fingertips today.  With many good uses, and some dangers; like gambling and pornography, which are know to become very addictive.  If your access to the interent is on a smartphone or tablet, in the privacy of your own home, you can tend to think no-one can see, and you can do as you wish. The truth is, your Internet Service Provider can see, and more improtantly, God can see! Be careful, with the world in your pocket, be responsible, use it wisely. If you have a problem with online addiction, I urge you to speak to someone, get some help.   

It’s Time for a Downgrade

If you feel like being really radical, you could ditch your smart device altogether! WARNING – ‘You may experience side effects’ 😉 but you will recover!  You might be thinking, ‘but I need my phone, to at least call and text’. That’s ok, you can downgrade; trade-in your smartphone, and buy a flip-phone or ‘dumb phone’, they’re capable of calls and texts, equipped with the latest in-car bluetooth technology, and at a fraction of the price of a smartphone.  Everything you need for basic day to day communication in the 21st century.  So, if you’re spiralling out of control with digital imbalance, maybe it’s time for a downgrade!